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The boombox gets an LCD

Media mini-center from Yamada


It's not clear to us why someone would need a boombox with a built-in LCD to watch DVDs, but we want one anyway (naturally). Part of the reason is the sleek black design of this media mini-center from Germany's Yamada.

The colorfully named HTV-200XU also comes with a TV tuner, FM radio and a burner to rip CDs as well as DVDs, for 220 euros (about $300). Coolest-Gadgets says it can also connect to the TV, though we're not sure why you'd want an LCD boombox for that.

The screen is only 7 inches, but that's still the size of a lot of portable DVD players on the market. Besides, if you live in a New York studio apartment, this could be the equivalent of a home theater.