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The BMW of coffee makers (and matching price)

Starbucks has a $600 espresso machine.


Lest our gentle readers get the impression that we consume only alcoholic beverages at Crave, we feel obligated to feature an appliance for this holiday season's designated drivers as well. And just because it's non-alcoholic, that doesn't mean it can't look good.

The "Sirena" is an espresso machine from the drafting boards of BMW Design Works created for Starbucks, according to Uber-Review. As addicted as we are to the bean, however, we can't see spending $600 for one of these even if it does have a "commercial-quality portafilter and patented back-pressure adapter that will adjust to the grind of your coffee."

By the way, what is it that possesses luxury carmakers to create coffee makers? We suppose it does make more sense than other kitchen appliances, such as a toaster from Bugatti or Porsche. At least the caffeine will make you drive faster.