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The Binge is Out There: Presto TV adds 'X-Files,' 'Buffy' and more

Presto TV adds a big line up of shows from 20th Century Fox, including all 203 episodes of the "X-Files" plus cult favourites "Buffy" and "Angel."

20th Century Fox

When it comes to video-on-demand, the war for Aussie eyeballs is in full swing.

With US streaming service Netflix launching on March 24, both Presto and its newly hatched rival Stan have been consolidating both content and partnership deals to win the race for most compelling video-on-demand offering.

Presto's latest salvo is an extensive content deal with 20th Century Fox for Presto TV. Focused on full seasons of shows to capture that binge-watching crowd, the deal includes:

  • The first four seasons of "Modern Family" with the fifth season arriving in the second half of this year
  • All 203 episodes of "The X-Files" and "Roswell"
  • The entire run of both "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer" and "Angel"
  • Every episode of "My Name is Earl"

Other shows that will have full seasons available -- if not every season -- include "Sons of Anarchy," "Glee," "Homeland," "American Horror Story" and "The Americans."

Stan recently announced it would be airing the new season of as part of its Yahoo Original Series. Stan has previously worked with Amazon to be the local streaming partner of some of its original productions.