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The biggest sounding itsy-bitsy 5.1 channel satellite-subwoofer system yet!

Energy Speakers' RC-Micro 5.1 System boldly goes where no ultra small system has gone before: It sounds great!

How small is it?

The main front L/R satellites and rear surround speakers are awfully tiny, a mere 4.7 by 3.5 by 3.5 inches; the center is just a wee bit bigger, 3.5 by 5.9 by 3.5 inches. That's great, but little speakers usually sound awful, and not just because they don't make any bass. Most have a nasal-aggressive tonal balance, and even though the subwoofer supplies bass you usually hear a gigantic "hole" in the system's bass response. That, or it's just too darn difficult to get the sats and sub to sound good together.

Energy Speakers

Incredibly enough, Energy's all-new RC-Micro 5.1 System ($999) handily avoids those pitfalls. Sure, the 240-watt, 8-inch ESW-CS8 subwoofer plays a big role in making the whole thing works so well. It's not the tiniest sub we've seen, but at 12.7 by 10.5 by 12.3 inches, it shouldn't be all that hard to squeeze into even the most cramped home theaters. The entire ensemble is finished in piano black.

You can read mycomplete CNET review here to get the full lowdown, but I will say this right now, the Energy's RC-Micro 5.1 is simply the best sounding mini system I've heard heard to date--and well ahead of any single speaker surround system as well.

I blogged about the Energy in early Septemberwhen I heard in a preview, but the review is an in-depth evaluation of the wee system.