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The best way to retain top IT talent

Baseline Magazine lists eight ways to retain and find top IT talent, but it misses the most promising strategy of all: Open source.

Baseline Magazine suggests eight ways to find and retain top IT talent. Citing Gartner, Baseline comes up with some solid strategies, but misses the one that I keep hearing over and over from savvy CTOs and CIOs: Open source.

As Jon Williams, CTO of NBC's iVillage, told attendees at the Open Source Business Conference, open source is an "incredible staff retention tool," helping to motivate and retain top talent. They want to go where the most interesting projects are. Open source is the epicenter of interesting IT.

So, while Baseline suggests "providing lunch or offering soft drinks can create a positive environment," the reality is that open source will probably do far more to motivate employees to stay. It's also a great way to identify the most promising developers upfront, because code speaks louder than a resume.