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The best thing about the 2.2 iPhone software update

Forget Google Street View, I like the new ability to deactivate the keyboard auto-correction.

Tap out auto-correct with the 2.2 iPhone software update. Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

When it comes to iPhone software updates, I'm all about the basics. Apple could enable the iPhone to cook my dinner every night, but if it added multimedia messaging in the same update, then that's the thing that would excite me. Remember last January's update 1.1.3 for the iPhone Classic? While the quasi-GPS functionality got the most attention, I was much more excited that you could now send a text message to multiple people.

So for the iPhone 2.2 software update that Apple released today, it's the ability to turn off the auto-correction in the keyboard that excites me the most. It is useful most of the time, but other times the feature drives me crazy. Almost every other cell phone on the planet allows you to do this, so it's nice to see that the iPhone now does the same. Of course, the other additions are more than welcome--here's hoping that the Safari Web browser really gets "Improved stability and performance"--but I know what I like.

On a related note, the addition of Google Street View is both cool and creepy in that way that only Google can make you feel. Yet, I think that Apple could have been a little more clear on how you find it. Instead of being accessible through a dedicated button in the Maps application, you first must drop a pin and the map and then select the little person icon to see the view from that location. Once you're there it works well, but getting there isn't the most intuitive process.

But on the whole it is a decent update. I could go into the what we didn't get (native voice dialing anyone?) but my colleague Maggie Reardon already did that. Also, check out her blog for a full list of the updates.