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The best price yet on the Anker Nebula Apollo portable projector is $320

Use this portable projector wherever you happen to be self-quarantining since it has a four-hour battery life and fits in your pocket.


Thanks to the coronavirus, we need more ways to entertain ourselves than ever, and pico projectors are handy ways to blast Netflix onto whatever wall you happen to be self-quarantining in front of. You might be familiar with Anker's extensive family of projectors, which tops out with the Nebula Mars II Pro, an HD model that's about the size of a hotel room ice bucket (yes, that's a valid unit of measure). At the other end, there's the relatively new Nebula Apollo, which is small enough to fit in a baggy pocket. If you've had plans to get a tiny pico projector, now might be a good time to add it to the shopping cart, because the Anker Nebula Apollo is selling for $320, 20% off the list price of $400. That's the lowest price this projector has ever sold for.

The Apollo measures 2.5 inches square by about 5 inches high and projects an 854x480-pixel image onto any flat surface that's between 20 and 100 inches away. The Apollo is actually pretty attractive, finished in a mesh black with gently rounded corners. It connects just about every way imaginable, with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI and USB. You can use the projector's Android 7.1 interface to run streaming apps, connect an external device and even screen mirror from iOS and Android devices.

Of course, there are some inevitable compromises with any projector this small. The Apollo doesn't push out a full HD display, for example. But you do get a generous four-hour battery life, and the 200 ANSI-lumen rating, while not super-bright, is better than many projectors in this class.

I don't have a real need for something like the Apollo, but I want to be one of the cool people in the Anker ad, chilling with my attractive part-time actor friends on the roof of my hip apartment building, watching videos projected by my go-anywhere Apollo. So I'm curious: If you're tempted to grab this portable projector, what do you plan to do with it? Sound off in the comments.

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