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The best OHs at SXSW?

The digerati at South by Southwest say lots of ridiculous--and hilarious things, and not with their inside voices. Now there's a Twitter feed showcasing some curated favorite "overheards."

One of the latest tweets from the @OHatSX Twitter account. Screenshot by CNET

AUSTIN, Texas--"We can't get in? Whatever, that's the douchiest party," began the incensed would-be reveler at South by Southwest. And then the quick about-face. "Wait, can we get in?"

Or this geek gem: "Can you unplug it? I want to see the ports."

Or maybe "'We're a consumer-facing data driven multiplatform Web-based solution with wide market appeal.' 'Huh?' 'We send people cat videos.'"

These and many more are "overheards," the famous "OH:" Twitter convention that can sometimes leave you speechless at the fact that the words were spoken unironically by actual people, and not by on-the-job Onion writers. But not just normal OHes. These are a set of the best from South by Southwest, as curated by the four first time SXSW attendees behind the @OHatSX Twitter feed from what they've heard themselves around Austin this week.

Right now, the feed has 187 followers. But it could catch on quickly, and with two days lefts of SXSW Interactive, who knows what could happen. Either way, here's hoping the account returns in 2013.