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The best 2020 iPad deals: Staples has the 10.2-inch model for $249

With new iPads possibly coming soon, Amazon, Best Buy and others have pulled many discounts.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Since Black Friday, Apple's 10.2-inch iPad has been on sale just about everywhere for about $250 -- a full $80 off the list price. But those days are over (for now, at least). Over the past week, Amazon, Best Buy and most other retailers have killed off this deal. Only Staples, that reliably iconoclastic purveyor of office supplies, is still selling the best Apple tablet for most people for $250.

Though deals on the base model have become more scarce, the higher-end configuration, with 128GB of storage, remains on sale just about everywhere for $330. 

But it's not just the 10.2-inch model. Many of the discounts to which we've grown accustomed -- $150 or $200 off the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro -- have recently gone extinct at Amazon and Best Buy. Walmart now has the best price, $674, on the 11-inch Pro model. And good luck finding any deal on the 64GB 12.9-inch version.  

These moves could portend the coming of new iPads. Word on the street has it that Apple may debut a new Pro model as soon as next month -- a revamped version equipped with a triple-lens rear-camera system that supports 3D sensing for augmented reality. Apple has not confirmed this, and rumors don't always pan out. But there's a real possibility that lower prices are coming to the existing (and aging) 11-inch and 12.9-inch Pro models. 

We've got the best prices for each model below. Note that we're focused on the Wi-Fi versions of the iPad here; using LTE on a tablet is cool, but for most people it's not worth the additional cost -- for the device and the monthly service -- especially when you can easily tether your phone for free

Apple iPad discounts, compared

Model List price Best price (current) Best price (all-time)
iPad 2019 (32GB) $329 $249 $230
iPad 2019 (128GB) $429 $329 $329
iPad Mini 2019 (64GB) $399 $384 $359
iPad Air 2019 (64GB) $499 $459 $400
iPad Pro 11 (64GB) $799 $674 $649
iPad Pro 12.9 (64GB) $999 N/A $850
iPad Pro 12.9 (256GB) $1,149 $1,100 $950
James Martin/CNET

Only Staples is offering an $80 discount on the 32GB 10.2-inch iPad.  Read our 10.2-inch iPad review.

Óscar Gutiérrez/CNET

The Mini is rarely on sale. Amazon's $15 discount brings it to $384 -- the current best price for the smallest model in the current iPad lineup.  Read our iPad Mini review.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Amazon currently has the best price on the iPad Air. Read more about the iPad Air.


Walmart steps into the void with a $125 discount on the 11-inch 64GB iPad Pro.  Read our iPad Pro review.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The 64GB model isn't on sale anywhere, but Amazon has trimmed $100 off the list price of the 256GB model.  Read our iPad Pro review.

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Originally published last year. Regularly updated to reflect new prices.