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The beer can koozie grows up with ColdCan

The ColdCan picks up where foam koozies left off. Featuring a hard-shell exterior, the durable drink insulator also integrates a lid.

Protect your precious fluids with ColdCan.
Protect your precious fluids with ColdCan.ColdCan

When it comes to beer can technology, there is always room for growth. Graphics that change color and easy-flow cans are just points on the continuum of greater things to come.

For generations, mankind has looked at its beer transporting conveyances and imagined a better way to deliver a frosty cold one. Today, we may have a multitude of designs when it comes to beer cans and bottles, but no matter how many mountains or vents the can may have, the cold reality is, beer doesn't stay cold on its own.

The eternal search for chilled beer technology continues.

Once upon a time, people drank from tankards and steins with flip-top lids; nowadays, can and bottle koozies are the norm. The ColdCan Kickstarter campaign seeks to bridge that gap and bring forth a chilling (in a good way) future. Not only does the amped-up can koozie have a lid that stores easily while imbibing, but the portable drink accessory also uses a silica-based aerogel to help keep drinks insulated -- that's right, you can soon cheers with space-age technology in your hand.

No matter if it's called a coozie, a cozy, or a koozie, beer cans and bottles benefit from a little insulation. Pack that insulation into a hard shell and give it a lid and things suddenly become much sturdier. Hard-shell construction is nice, but will it last to be passed down through the generations? Only time will tell. That and cold, blue mountains.