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The droid baseball jersey you're looking for

The Durham Bulls baseball team shows off its love for droids with R2-D2 themed jerseys for the annual Star Wars Night on May 4.

The Durham Bulls will channel their inner R2-D2 with these special droid jerseys just for Star Wars Night on May 4. Durham Bulls

Star Wars Day -- celebrated on May 4 -- is a special time for fans of all ages to bond over their favorite Jedi, rebels, Sith Lords, and droids in a galaxy far, far away (or in some cases on a baseball field close by).

The North Carolina Triple-A minor league baseball team Durham Bulls will be wearing R2-D2 baseball uniforms for their Star Wars Night game against the Columbus Clippers on May 4.

"Finally, the scheduling gods have heard our pleas for a weekend game on May 4th, the most natural fit for our annual Star Wars Night," posted on the official Durham Bulls blog. "Once we landed that perfect confluence of events, we knew we had to do it up right."

Proceeds of a silent auction for jerseys worn during the game will benefit the Autism Society of North Carolina.

This isn't the first time a baseball team has donned geektastic threads to show off their love for Star Wars Day. Last year, minor league team the Toledo Mud Hens wore Wookiee-inspired uniforms, as well as offered fun Yoda-approved activities just for Star Wars Day.

No word yet if the Durham Bulls plans to have Star Wars-themed concessions or activities in addition to their R2-D2 jerseys, but anything is possible on game night.

Fans can get more information on Durham Bulls Star Wars Night game here.