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The bacon emoji is coming to iOS 10 (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 40)

There will be no 5K Thunderbolt display with a GPU at WWDC, and Apple's working on its own version of the Amazon Echo.


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Extra Crunchy show notes:

Breaking news!!! - Emojis

The Unicode Technical Committee (UTC) has accepted the following 8 characters as candidates for emoji.

Unicode Consortium officially approves 72 new emoji, including bacon, selfie, and a clown face

WWDC 2016 news:

Apple WWDC 2016 INFO

Apple Updates Official WWDC App With New Look, Apple TV Compatibility

MacBook news:

Spy photos all but confirm 2016 MacBook Pro's OLED touchpad

Leaked Photos May Show Upcoming MacBook Pro's Top Case With Space for OLED Touch Panel, Four USB-C Ports

Samsung Announces 512GB NVMe SSD That's Smaller Than a Stamp

Next-gen Intel Kaby Lake processors on track to launch this year as Samsung unveils new super-small SSDs

Other news:

No Apple Display with integrated GPU at WWDC -- think software for this year

Apple's 5K Thunderbolt Display Could Include Its Own Graphics Card

Apple's Echo rival could see you with built-in camera

Source: New Apple TV will compete with Amazon Echo

Report: Apple's rumored Amazon Echo-like Siri speaker may feature facial recognition cameras

Developer Excitement for Apple TV Easily Exceeds Interest in watchOS

2017 iPhone May Include Enhanced Taptic Engine for More Complex Vibrations

Analyst claims next-gen iPhone 7 to feature 32GB base storage and up, finally dropping 16GB models

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