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Samples from The Avalanches' first album in 16 years leaked by Amazon France

It's taken more than a decade, but The Avalanches' second album is finally due to hit next month. But thanks to Amazon France, you can listen to snippets of every song online.


The cover for The Avalanches' new album, "Wildflower."

The Avalanches

After more than 15 years of staying silent in the music scene, The Avalanches are back. But their return has come a little earlier than expected after Amazon France leaked 30-second snippets from each song on the upcoming album.

"Frontier Psychiatrist" might have introduced a generation to sample-heavy pop music and changed the Australian music landscape in 2000, but it's taken more than a decade for The Avalanches to make a follow up.

While their next album, "Wildflower," is due to drop next month, Amazon's French website has jumped the gun, publishing 30-second clips of each song on the album. The leak comes exactly one month ahead of the album's official publish date, and just days after the first single "Frankie Sinatra" was aired on radio station Triple J.

It's a sign of how much the music industry has changed since "Since I Left You" was released. In 2000, the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) didn't record digital sales, and physical album sales have more than halved since that time.

Head over to Amazon France (before someone realises their mistake) to hear what The Avalanches have been up to for 15 years. From the grabs we've heard, they've put their time to good use. And even if it's taken down, you're going to hear plenty more from this one.