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The Apple rumor mill churneth

The Apple rumor mill churneth

The impending Apple event tomorrow, dubbed "Showtime," has the tech media buzzing about what surprises Steve Jobs has in store for us this time. Rumors abound, and they vary only slightly. Since Apple quietly launched a new iMac and an updated Mac Mini line last week, most people seem to think that at least one revamped iPod will be on the schedule tomorrow. This speculation has been further advanced by the fact that several observant tipsters noticed that the iPod promos that usually run in weekly circulars have been pulled. So what are the gadget blogs saying to expect tomorrow? Here's a list of the most rampant rumors:

  • Movies for sale on iTunes: AppleInsider is among several sites to report the impending availability of feature-length films on iTunes. Fox and Lions Gate are among the studios said to be onboard, but it seems pretty certain that Disney movies will be among the selection.
  • Video-enabled AirPort Express: Gizmodo is among several sites to report on this guess, which was actually speculated upon nearly a year ago, about when the first video-enabled iPod was announced.
  • New Nanos: With multicolored, Mini-like aluminum shells and added capacities: 6GB and 8GB. Sounds neat!
  • "Real" video iPod: That is to say, the wide-screen, virtual scrollwheel-sporting version that everyone has been yapping about for ages. Above, you can see yet another unconfirmed photo trying to convince us that this dream has become a reality. I'm not buying it--bet we have to wait till Christmas or Macworld for that one.
  • iPhone: Last but not least, we have an iPod-like cell phone. I certainly wouldn't put it past Apple to jump into the cell phone market, but I have a feeling this may be a separate announcement.

Considering that the invite sent to press members is calling this event "Showtime," I'm wagering on something movie-related--movies for sale on iTunes and the updated AirPort Express. And I'll also throw in new Nanos because I'm really curious to see them. What's your money on?