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The Apple deal: What others are saying

From outrage to disbelief to approval, analysts, consumers and industry insiders have been buzzing about Apple's switch to Intel.

From outrage to disbelief to approval, analysts, consumers and industry insiders have been buzzing about Apple Computer's switch to Intel since The Wall Street Journal reported last month that such a partnership was in discussion and CNET reported last Friday that it was a done deal.

Here's a sampling of comments made just prior to and following the official announcement, which Apple issued Monday.

"It's a bunch of bull. Firstly, Apple certainly pays much less for IBM and Freescale processors than Intel charges for comparable chips. Probably less than half as much on average. The G5 is a smaller, more efficient chip than the Pentium 4, and IBM has no other customers willing to buy large quantities."
--Peter Glaskowsky, analyst for The Envisioneering Group

"We believe the move is risky for Apple. By switching to a more mass market processor, Apple likely risks diluting its value proposition, as it has less control over the product road map."
--Steven Fortuna, Prudential Equity Group analyst

"There's more applications available for Windows than there are on Apple. All a chip change could do is probably slow that down because maybe there would be a big disruption with your ISV (independent software vendor) community...There's more training, knowledge, management on how to implement networks. What changes? I don't know."
--, Microsoft CEO

"I will never buy Apple again, ever. If this is true, I am very sad. How will I get new software for my computer?"
--John Bresnahan, CNET reader

"Come on people, we know you like to entertain these ideas, but it's just not going to happen. I'll eat my hat if it does."
--Adam Detzner, CNET reader

"If they actually do that, I will be surprised, amazed and concerned. I don't know that Apple's market share can survive another architecture shift. Every time they do this, they lose more customers."
--Nathan Brookwood, Insight 64 analyst

"This is a seismic shift in the world of personal computing and consumer electronics."
--Richard Doherty, president of The Envisioneering Group

"This is kind of like if your two best friends decided to get married and you don't know what it means. You feel sort of conflicted."
--Matthew Woolrums, conference attendee