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The amazing story behind the first Sony Walkman

Sony's legendary gadget was created by removing features from an existing product. Adventures in Tech explains the Walkman's surprising origin story.

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The Walkman is -- quite rightly -- held up as one of history's most groundbreaking gadgets. But did you know that Sony's greatest invention was actually a barely-modified version of an existing product?

You do now! Hit play to see "Adventures in Tech" explain the exciting and surprising origins of the chunky Walkman, with the aid of the original TPS-L2, the sequel WM2 and the Pressman prequel that started it all.

An '80s icon, the Walkman made Sony the undisputed king of portable music (well, until someone had to come along and ruin everything). It's natural to associate these game-changing gadgets with a massive technical leap forward, but the Walkman is unique in that it was created by actually removing features from an existing product.

Of course, it's also special because of its incredible design, its pop-culture status, and for getting thousands upon thousands of us through those long car journeys, sat in the back, burning through stacks of AA batteries and winding our tapes with a pencil.

Salute those memories by hitting the play button now, then stick your recollections of the Walkman in the comments below, on our Facebook wall, or drop me a line on Twitter.