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The 'all-new' HTC One gets unofficial walkthrough

A 12-minute YouTube video that hit the Internet today showed HTC's upcoming M8 flagship handset. We don't get too many details, but we do get to see what it looks like in the flesh.

The "all-new" HTC One (left) compared to the current iteration. Ledic Markovic via YouTube

Though we've nearly one month to go before HTC unveils the "all new" HTC One, we may have to act surprised on March 25 at the rate that the leaks are leaking.

Suffice it to say, we may know everything there is to know about the "M8" handset when the day arrives. Heck, even HTC is playing coy with the device, having recently started a new series of videos highlighting features.

And today came yet another twist: a 12-minute YouTube video showing the "HTC One M8" from all angles. Though the clip is rather disjointed, hurriedly shot, and shorter on specifics than you might expect given its length -- we don't get to see how the two cameras work, for example -- the chatterbox teen source walks through features like the speakers, display, BlinkFeed, and compares its design with the existing HTC One.

As of this writing the video is still available for the public to watch, but it has already been pulled and marked private a few times. And given that HTC can't be happy about the leak, I imagine that it will disappear again.

In other, more official, HTC One news, a second "technical translations" video has surfaced on HTC's YouTube account that yell viewers about the metal unibody design. Much like the first video that talked about the BoomSound capability, though, this one doesn't actually reveal the upcoming handset.

HTC has a press event slated for March 25, where we will finally get to see the refreshed HTC One. CNET will be in attendance and will provide a firsthand account and early impressions of the new device.