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'The Adventures of Tintin' Blu-ray delivers stellar video

If you're looking for a way to show off your home theater, "The Adventures of Tintin" looks and sounds great on Blu-ray.

The 'Tintin' Blu-ray comes in 3D edition for $6 more. Paramount

A few weeks ago Paramount released the Blu-ray for "Hugo," which has a nearly flawless video transfer and offers incredibly sharp video and great sound. The studio returns today with the Blu-ray release of Steven Spielberg's "The Adventures of Tintin," which famously combines performance capture with digital computer animation to create a unique hybrid look.

Whether you love that look or not (some people find it funky), the Blu-ray delivers stunning video that's both vivid and impressively detailed. The DTS-HD MA 7.1 lossless soundtrack is also highly detailed and will give your home theater a workout during the frequent, sometimes frenetic action sequences.

Say what you will about the movie itself (while it didn't receive universal praise, most people enjoyed it), this one makes a for an excellent home-theater demo disc and is probably worth owning.

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If you have a 3D-capable TV or are thinking about getting one in the future, I recommend picking up the more expensive three-disc 3D version ($27.99 on Amazon) that also includes the 2D Blu-ray, the DVD, and a digital copy. If 3D isn't your bag, you can save $6 by going with the two-disc 2D Blu-ray edition that also includes the DVD and digital copy.

Check out the exclusive clip above in which Spielberg talks about motion-capture acting.