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The Acer T230H: It *wants* you to touch it

The Acer T230H's touch screen is its biggest selling point.

Look, and *do* touch. Josh P. Miller/CNET

Finally, we've gotten to our very last (for now) Acer review. This time, however, we've branched out a little. The new review for the Acer T230His actually the first in four Acer reviews that doesn't feature a monitor with the same basic design as the H233H, the H243H, or the D240H. An end to the monotony, finally.

The T230H differentiates itself with a superglossy screen, a very angular design, and touch-screen support. With a Windows 7 system in tow, the tip of your finger becomes the mouse and instead of using a physical keyboard, a software keyboard makes itself available.

A fun concept to be sure, but read the full review to discover why we feel it could have been implemented better. Also, check out all the latest monitor reviews here.

Acer H243H