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The '80s return with a DS synthesizer

Korg is developing a virtual version for Nintendo's handheld.

Some people are never satisfied with the Nintendo DS. Despite all its success over the years, various gamers can't wait to give it an overhaul, whether it's a Guitar Hero mashup or some ungodly Swarovski treatment.

Korg and AQ Interactive, however, are at least coming up with a new use for the handheld that isn't completely bizarre. (Whether there'll be a demand for it is another matter.) The two are partnering to develop a virtual version of the Korg MS-10--the vintage synthesizer of the big-hair '80s--specifically for the DS.

And lest you think this is some lame hack, Tech Digest says the "Korg DS-10 is "a fully functioning, absolutely 100 percent official synth, drum machine, and sequencer." Controlled by touch screen and stylus, it will join the ever-expanding ranks of mini-studios that can make anyone a pocket DJ--which may or may not be such a good thing.