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The 404 Show 1,537: Netflix eyes HBO, attack of 1,000 kilobots, farewell gentle intern (podcast)

Today we say goodbye to Justin the intern, who's name we just started remembering last week. We'll give him an exit interview on the show and find out what he really thinks about his boss. We're also talking about Netflix's comedy moves, kilobot attacks, and the obvious demographic of AOL subscribers.

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Episode 1,537

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- Today's Clickbait story: It's the Galaxy Alpha story, for the second day in a row! Jeez, get a life, Internet!

- Attack of the 1,000 kilobots.

- Why it makes perfect sense to subscribe to AOL -- if you live in the middle of nowhere and you're 93.

- Netflix scoops up premium comedy as it tries to beat HBO at its own game.

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