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The 404 Podcast 505: Where we're selling our Apple Tablet on eBay

Apple tablet news; Apple rumor mongering; iTrust iPhone app catches snooping spouses; Mass Effect news; and Regis Philbin.

Johnny 5 has seen better days. At least he has The 404... CNET/The404

No, we don't have the new iPad/iSlate/iFail just yet, but we're crossing our fingers hoping for good news at tomorrow's Apple Event. CNET correspondent Natali Del Conte is already in San Francisco ready to cover the big announcement, and we're stoked that Jeff hosted Loaded today in her absence. Also, be sure to check out PRE-GAME, Jeff's newest video game show on CNETV starting next Tuesday, February 2.

Lost in the flurry of Apple rumors circling the Internet (will someone please tell Regis about the Internet??) is the distinct possibility that AT&T will lose iPhone exclusivity tomorrow. According to "industry insiders" (sounds legit to me) other carriers will begin to offer the popular smartphone starting tomorrow due to networking troubles clogging the AT&T pipes. AT&T will make up for the loss of sole ownership by offering a series of Windows Mobile, Android, and WebOS-based handsets as consolation prizes to wayward shoppers.

iTrust app exposes iPhone lurkers. Gizmodo

If you already own an iPhone but fear the prying eyes and fingers of your paranoid better half, we recommend checking out iTrust, a 99-cent app that fools would-be spies by displaying a dummy image of your iPhone home screen and recording any attempts to access private information.

Alternatives to shelling out a buck for this app: 1.) If you know your bf/gf is nuts enough to check your phone for naughty pictures and texts, you can always set a passcode and keep it private, or 2.) download The 404's forthcoming "girlfriend app" that immediately hides your cache with a simple dice-shaking motion. Hey, don't steal that idea, for real.

Finally, be sure to stick around in the second half to hear our explanation of THAT ^ in addition to a few more stories and a hilarious Calls From The Public segment! We'd love to hear from you as well, so just give us a call at 1-866-404-CNET and tell us what's on your mind! We're also still accepting Self-Addressed Stamped Envelopes (SASE) for sticker requests, so check out this fan-made tutorial and get it over to us ASAP!



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