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The 404 at CES 2013: Where that just happened (podcast)

Felicia Day is our guest on the first 404 episode live from the CNET stage at CES 2013. As the official CEA Entertainment Matters Ambassador, Felicia tells us all the perks of wearing the sash and debunks the myth that CES-goers are anti-social homebodies.

CNET/James Martin

Felicia will also help us introduce an ongoing segment at the show we're calling "That just happened." Today we'll feature clips from last night's Qualcomm keynote address that made us all squirm in our seats.

Lastly, she'll run through a couple of her favorite games from 2012 including Far Cry 3 and Dishonored. Be sure to check out Felicia's YouTube channel and follow her on Twitter to keep yourself updated on her world.

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The 404 at CES 2013: Where that just happened



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