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The 404 998: Where we draw the ace of spades (podcast)

Aunt Jill Schlesinger of the CBS Moneywatch Podcast Jill on Money helps us celebrate our 1000th episode a few days early! Join us for a little Prosecco and whiskey tasting, no ID required to watch.

It's time to celebrate! Imgur

Aunt Jill won't be here for our 1000th episode this Friday because she only works out of the CNET office on Wednesdays, so we're popping bottles prematurely because hey, it's the 90s.

Along with a light wine tasting, Jill also gives a quick duster on the state of the Greek debt crisis and the Dow cracking 13000 after almost four years. In return, we'll tell Jill about the wonders of Instagram and Kim Dotcom's release from the New Zealand prison system.

Leaked from 404 Podcast 998:

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