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The 404 839: Where Obama drops the axe on Weiner (podcast)

Joe Kaminsky joins the cast of The 404 today to discuss the transparent Airbus of 2050, the Wii U, and why Duke Nukem Forever maybe should have never come out.


Continuing our Justin Yu-less week, we've got Joe Kaminsky filling in. We'll ask him about his first initial impressions of the Wii U and if he thinks Nintendo's next console has the goods. We're starting to hear that it's 50 percent more powerful than the PS3, but is that even impressive?

Speaking of things that are remarkably unimpressive, Duke Nukem Forever hits stores today and we'll round up reviews from around the net. They are not positive.

Have you heard about the Airbus of 2050? It's almost transparent! Tune in to see just how terrifying this sounds to Jeff and why he'd rather be put to sleep like how Bruce Willis was in "The Fifth Element."

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