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The 404 776: Where it's Steak and Pi Day (podcast)

CNET loves Pi Day and anything else that celebrates nerdiness, and today's featured flavor is Apple. Join us on today's episode as we take a closer look at the Apple iPad 2!

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Happy Pi Day; it's March 14, which means it's the day to commemorate the mathematical holiday started by Larry Shaw, who created it in 1989 while working at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. We're all about celebrating nerds, so enjoy a sweet or savory pie today with us!

Wilson G. Tang

Wilson's enjoying Pi Day with a slice of his own Apple iPad 2; he and Jeff waited patiently in line to become two of the 500,000 estimated iPad 2 owners over the device's launch weekend. Many Apple stores officially ran out of stock this weekend, and now analysts are expecting up to a two-week backlog on orders reserved online.

You can read CNET's official review of the iPad 2 here, but we also want to talk about the new features being added to the iPad 2 with the public release of iOS 4.3.

For $4.99, you can purchase the XCode 4 App in the Mac App Store and download it to your iPad 1 or 2; it gives you access to a gesture-based home screen button replacement along with other four- and five-finger swipe navigation controls that make it easier to play media, run apps, and use AirPlay.

Daily deal coupon sites like Groupon and LivingSocial are getting popular on the Net, and The New York Times had an article over the weekend that highlights a couple of niche coupon sites aimed at specific diets, lifestyles, and even ethnicities. Join us as we run through a couple of our favorites.

Last thing on the menu is today's Kodak Deal of the Day: a Vizio 42-inch 120Hz 1080p wide-screen LCD HDTV with free shipping for $479.99. Enjoy!

Episode 776


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