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The 404 766: Where no milk will ever be our milk (podcast)

Plenty of Academy Award trivia and commentary today, plus a positive spin on the Breakup Notifier Facebook app we talked about last week, and an online dating site for University snobs! GIMME A BREAK

Today's show title comes from this scene in Billy Madison, but unfortunately Adam Sandler got no recognition at last night's Academy Awards.

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We thought James Franco and Anne Hathaway made a cute couple of hosts, and we appreciated James's #oscarsrealtime updates but we also agree with Roger Ebert and the LA Times, who gave critical reviews of the remarkably tame ceremony.

As usual, the Oscar food puns for each nominee were borderline more entertaining than the show itself.

Last week we talked about a Facebook app called Breakup Notifier that would send you a message when your crush changed his or her relationship status to "single."

Well, an "accidental" change in the Facebook developer's code permanently disabled access to such notifications, so creator Dan Loewenherz clever shifted his focus to a new project called the Crush Notifier.

The Facebook Crush Notifier lets you purchase Facebook credits that allow you to select crushes in your friend list. Those individuals are notified in an anonymous e-mail, and have the option to rate you back.

If you're selected as well, you'll receive a similar message- unfortunately, there's no service to show you the way after that, you're on your own, but how could would it be if Facebook Places somehow offered a discount at a mutually agreed-upon restaurant for a first date?

Stay with us after the break for today's Kodak Deal of the Day, a Dell Vostro 230 Mini Intel Dial 3GHz PC with 17" LCD for the price of $329. Features include an Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5700 3GHz processor, 2GB RAM, 320GB 7200 rpm hard drive, DVD-ROM, Gigabit Ethernet, and Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit. Check it out, and enjoy!

Episode 766


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