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The 404 765: Where we dare you to give us a mature rating (podcast)

MTV Games Editor Russ Frushtick chats with us about the latest batch of incendiary adult-centric video games like the Mortal Kombat reboot, Nintendo's We Dare, and Dead Island. We also wage war against online "astroturfing" and unveil the Kodak Deal of the Day.

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Our guest on today's episode of The 404 Podcast is Russ Frushtick, the games and tech editor for MTV Multiplayer, but the ESRB has assigned him an AO rating for Adults Only, so he won't be visiting Australia anytime soon. Similarly, Australia also refuses to welcome the latest Mortal Kombat game due to excessive violence.

Mortal Kombat: banned in Australia Mugen Fighters Guild

The real story, however, is Australia's outdated rules for video game classification that currently only accommodate a maximum MA15+ rating, so video games that surpass these limitations are automatically banned in the country.

Since Australian adults still have access to mature media in its other myriad forms, it doesn't make sense that local gamers can't also enjoy video games with similarly "explicit" content.

And speaking of risque video games, a U.K.-only Nintendo Wii title is promising "flirty fun for all" with its latest adult-friendly release, called We Dare. The trailer for We Dare illustrates gameplay in the form of four consenting adults using the Wii remote to control virtual versions of party games like Spin The Bottle, Kiss Under the Mistletoe, and the ever-popular Take Off Your Clothes.

The We Dare trailer is a perfect example of vendors using viral marketing to hype up the release of video games that may not be as fun as the videos suggest.

The Dead Island trailer is making similar waves for two reasons: because of its graphic nature that makes sensitive babies like Wilson and me squirm, but also because it doesn't show footage of actual gameplay in Dead Island.

Game previews often show cut scenes or, worse, videos exclusively created for the trailers, which leaves plenty of gamers feeling cheated when the gameplay doesn't even come close to the level of graphic quality in the tease. It comes down to disingenuous marketing, which leads us to another discussion about the impurity of the Internet and the rise of online astroturfing.

There are plenty more topics of discussion in today's show, so big thanks to Russ for coming in and joining our chats.

We'd be remiss to forget about Kodak's Deal of the Day: a Lenovo IdeaPad U260 laptop with a Core i5 Dual 1.33GHz process, a 13-inch display, and 320GB of storage for $764.15--that's 450 bones cut off the original price when using the coupon code USPLENOVOU260!

Have a great weekend, everyone, and don't forget to add The 404 on Twitter as well as our individual accounts for Jeff Bakalar, Wilson G. Tang, and myself.

Episode 765


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