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The 404 762: Where we're picking up the pieces (podcast)

A HOT or NOT Facebook service pops up along with an app that notifies you when friends break up with their SO. More proof that social networking is ruining lives on today's episode of CNET's The 404 Podcast!

Happy birthday, Lou!

Jeff's dad, aka Sweet Lou Bakalar, is celebrating a birthday today, but unfortunately he can't be live on the show to go through his 10-item birthday wish list with us so we'll have to settle on a 10-minute voice mail instead. Lou's back, and he's cracking down on cyclists!

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We'll play his voice mail right after the break, but before that we want to talk about two Facebook apps that plan to ruin (or strengthen!) as many relationships as they can. First up is a service called Breakup Notifier that automatically sends you an e-mail when your crush breaks up with his or her significant other, giving you the opportunity to turn your lurk into love.

There's also Social Harpoon, an anonymous "hot or not"-style ranking system just for your Facebook friends. The app shows you two friends and judges rating percentages based on the elo rating system to show how likely each person is to "win" against you.

A school district close to my home town in Anaheim, Calif., is testing a GPS tracking device for habitually truant students. To stop kids from ditching, administrators and parents are agreeing to assign GPS hardware to students along with a tracking code that must be entered five times each day. We're not sure this will work, though--can't these truants just pay some hall monitor to babysit the device and check in for them?

Amazon has announced an improved feature for Prime, the $79 dollar a year service that gives customers free two-day shipping on all orders shipped from Amazon. For no additional cost, Prime customers will now get access to more than 5,000 streaming TV shows and movies on top of their free shipping options, with titles like "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," "Amadeus," and even "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood."

We'll end today's show with our Deal of the Day. For the next month we'll be alerting you to great online deals for tech products brought to you by our sponsor Kodak, and today's deal is a 47-inch LG LCD TV for $600 with free shipping. Check it out!

Happy birthday again to Sweet Lou, and thanks to Doug from PA for being super high in his video voice mail and coining a new 404ism, tag er easy!

Episode 762


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