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The 404 761: Where we're jerking your chain for weeks (podcast)

Why do women have hundreds of shoes? Will people watch TV at home in 10 years? What's with all the hate on record companies? What are the benefits of a headphone amplifier? All these questions answered with The Audiophiliac's Steve Guttenberg on today's episode of The 404!

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Steve "The Gut Man" Guttenberg's age remains a mystery in today's 404 Podcast preshow, but he's definitely younger than Wilson, who will celebrate his 39th birthday this year. Steve heads up the Audiophiliac blog on CNET and today he's making sure that younger generations, specifically teenagers, know the importance of actually listening to music, instead of just letting it play in the background of a million other digital activities.

A big part of Steve's life is reviewing headphones and home theater technology, but before we get to all that, Steve is curious about something else: women's obsession with shoes.

It's an appropriate topic to round out Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2011, so check me out while I school these dummies and prove that women aren't the only ones who collect shoes.

Getting back to techy talking points, Steve is curious about the location all the audiophilies in New York under 30 years old. According to him, an audiophile is anyone who gives a darn about the way music sounds beyond a simple MP3 player and stock pair of headphones.

Steve tells us that most of the young audiophiles he meets care a lot about headphones and mobile audio instead of hi-fi audio speakers in the home, which may be a symptom of the movement toward the way people "use" media, which moves us into another discussion about another Audiophiliac blog, this one titled "Will you still watch TV at home in 10 years?"

Also be sure to check out the second half of the show where we all express our hatred for "the man," and don't forget that there's no show on Monday for President's Day. We'll be back on Tuesday; have a great weekend everyone!

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