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The 404 741: Where there seems to be a bear on my head (podcast)

Stoopid Andy isn't nearly as dumb as his name implies--tune in to hear how the guy successfully hacked a DLP TV into displaying 3D!

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Fan-favorite guest Stoopid Andy returns to The 404 for a very special appearance. Contrary to his nickname, Stoopid Andy isn't nearly as dumb as you might think. In fact, we spend most of the episode in awe of his recent hacking of a DLP TV to display 3D content. Pretty impressive, huh? Not that we recommend attempting such a thing, but Andy points us to this thread at AVS Forum for guidance.

Of course this conversation leads us into a heated debate over 3D in general, examining the merits of whether it's a legitimate and practical form of entertainment. We're curious to hear what you think. Let us know by leaving a voice mail (866-404-CNET) or e-mail the404 [at] cnet [dot] com.

Tasteful pornographers everywhere rejoiced when news of a Playboy app for the iPad was announced, but to their disappointment, word has hit that it won't include any of the artsy photographs the publication is known for.

Finally, we'll talk about the technology behind smoking--namely the e-cigarette--an invention Stoopid Andy claims was his idea back in 1998.

Episode 741


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