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The 404 735: Where we left Wilson on a rooftop in Vegas (podcast)

We're back from CES for our first podcast of the New Year, and guess what - no Wilson today! Caroline McCarthy fills in.

Brian Tong/CNET

Wilson's taking a day off after powering through CNET's video coverage of CES 2011, so Caroline McCarthy fills in to give us the spectator's perspective of the show and the keynote speeches. Unsurprisingly, the Samsung keynote looked just as over the top online as it did in person.

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We saw a lot of cool things at CES this year, least of which was this arcade cabinet for the iPad, but this year was definitely about tablet PCs. They stole the show and came in multiple sizes, but CNET's annual Best in Show Award goes to the Motorola Xoom, although we're hoping this isn't how they show their appreciation.

Poised to go head-to-head with the Apple iPad, the Xoom is a touch screen-tablet that trumps the iPad in a few ways. It has front- and rear-facing cameras (the front is HD); it has a larger screen with a higher resolution than the iPad; and it operates on the Verizon network instead of AT&T.

It's also the first device to run the latest version of Google Android OS 3.0, code-named Honeycomb, so when it comes out sometime in the first quarter of this year, expect it to support multitasking and Verizon's ultrafast 4G network.

Verizon is also rumored to be offering the iPhone 4 pending tomorrow's announcement, and Caroline and I are both excited and nervous about its release. The Wall Street Journal reported that the company will keep its $30-a-month unlimited data plan, but our own Bonnie Cha tells us it might not get LTE 4G support until later this year--as usual, it's all up to Apple.

Aside from CES wrap-up stuff, check out the second half of today's show for Jeff's review of "American Idiot," the Broadway musical based on Green Day's music and featuring lead vocalist Billy Armstrong.

And if you're into that sort of thing, we also learn that a "Fight Club" and "American Psycho" musical are both in the works!

Episode 735


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