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The 404 699: Where it's one down, two to go (podcast)

Today's show is all about Jeff and Stacie Bakalar's beautiful wedding this weekend!

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We don't normally dedicate entire episodes of The 404 Podcast to a single topic, but since Jeff's wedding only happens once in a lifetime (and because we've been talking about it for a year), today's show is all about Jeff and Stacie Bakalar's beautiful wedding this weekend!

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Mark Licea, aka MTI, also joins us on today's episode to help us recount Saturday's event, and we can't gush enough about the perfection of the night: from the tear-jerking wedding ceremony under the chuppah to the handmade yarmulkes, the huge spread of Halloween candy, the '80s/'90s cover band Renegade, and the loving Bakalar/Davis extended family and friends, suffice it to say the night was an undisputed success.

As expected, we did shed a few tears during the wedding, so be sure to tune in to hear stories about that, in addition to more about the dances, the speeches, the food, and even a surprise call from Jeff's Dad, Sweet Lou Bakalar himself!

We show pictures of the night throughout today's video, but click through the slideshow below if you're a 404 audio listener, and don't forget to send in your video voicemails to the404(at)cnet(dot)com congratulating the new couple! Hopefully Jeff won't be too sunburned to watch them from his isolation chamber in Hawaii.

Episode 699


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