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The 404 683: Where we walked the plank (podcast)

Recaps and pictures from last night's 404 meetup, and Steve Guttenberg joins us with another list of ideas poking at his mind grapes.

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Best. Meetup. EVER! A huge thanks to all The 404 fans that came and hung out last night at The Frying Pan in New York City. We all had a great time drinking and chatting with everyone, and great news: nobody fell off the side of the boat!

There's plenty of pictures already posted on the The 404 page, but we want them all, so click over and share them with us! Thanks again to all the fans as well as the Frying Pan for hooking us up with the $20 wristband deal, but don't worry if you weren't able to attend; this was so much fun that we're already planning another one for next year!

Audiophiliac Steve Guttenberg joins us on today's episode with his usual list of things on his mind grapes, starting with a profile of a headphone amp manufacturer with a ambiguously inappropriate name, and it's spelled S-C-H-I-I-T. It's unclear how the founders came up with the name since it's definitely not their last name, but Steve tells us that the amps are certainly of absolute Schitt-y quality.

Steve also gives us a preview of an upcoming Audiophiliac blog post in honor of the President of the United States himself...Mr. Justin Bieber. Steve is putting together a custom Hi-Fi Sound system for our Commander In Chief but he refuses to tell us specifics except that all the products will be made in America. Check back this weekend for the unveiling!

Episode 683


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