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The 404 668: Where we like our Grizzly Bear Eggs over easy (podcast)

Congrats to Clayton Morris and his podcast The Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe for reaching 100 episodes! Clayton joins The 404 this morning to talk podcasting, backyard wrestling, and the NY tornado!

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Congratulations to frequent guest and friend of the show Clayton Morris for reaching 100 episodes of his own podcast, The Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe!

Clayton joins us on The 404 this morning to chat about podcasting, backyard wrestling, and the tornado that hit New York last night!

We invited our buddy Clayton Morris of Fox and Friends to help us celebrate our 404th episode, so we're returning the favor for the 100th episode of The Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe, a podcast he does with Chikara founder and pro-wrestler Mike Quackenbush.

Girl Scout Weekly describes the show as "an omnibus podcast of pop culture, news, and tales from two rather odd lifestyles..." and Clayton tells us the origin of the name, because bears apparently do not lay eggs, which is news to all of us.

To celebrate his 100th episode, Wilson also cooked up a brand new logo for the show with a semi-embarrassing story to go along with it- apparently it's kind of difficult to purchase a single egg in New York City! We're also chatting with Clayton about the ins and outs of running a successful podcast and he even gives us a preview of some of GBEC's upcoming guests that include veteran artist Stan Bush and David Byrne from The Talking Heads!

Finally, join us after the break for Calls From the Public which features an appearance by one of our new favorite callers that sounds like the bastard child of Bill Cosby and Harry Caray.

There's also another voicemail ripping into yours truly for missing out on Shawshank Redemption, but I'd rather watch stuff like this anyway. Thanks to Clayton for waking up early to Skype with us this morning, and look for his physical being on a very-near-future episode of The 404! Have a great weekend everyone!

Episode 668


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