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The 404 658: Where we're getting very sleepy (podcast)

Hypnotist Paul Ramsay is back on The 404 to show us how to alleviate stress and disconnect from tech--temporarily, of course!

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If you haven't heard the news from yesterday's Apple music conference, here's a quick recap: All but the iPod Classic feature new designs. The iPod shuffle gets its buttons back, the sixth-generation iPod Nano loses the iconic click wheel but now has a touch screen, and the new iPod Touch receives a super sharp display, a front-facing camera for making video calls, and HD video recording, and a ton of new internal features.

Apple days at the CNET office can be physical and mentally draining, so now's the perfect time to welcome professional Paul Ramsay back into the studio! The three of us are obviously ingrained in tech, but we're learning from Wilson's e-mail addiction that it's necessary to take a healthy break from the computer, work, Facebook, iPhone, or whatever gadget is commanding your life. Paul also practices hypnotherapy and offers us the following tips to save our sanity:

  • Breathing is the most important thing to help alleviate stress, so next time you're feeling overwhelmed, do the five-five-five: Breathe in for five seconds, hold it for five, and breathe out for five. Adopting this short but meaningful breathing exercise can help as a mini-vacation from the demands of the workday.
  • Once you leave the office and finally arrive home, create a ritual that you can put into practice right away to help you unwind. This could be a bath, a project around the house you've been putting off, or making progress in a light book. Performing this daily ritual adjusts the barriers of your day, aids in battling insomnia, and lets you fall asleep easier at night.

In the second half of the show, Paul actually puts Wilson under and guides him through a meditation process that leaves him visibly relaxed- so much that even the thought of checking mobile e-mail makes him throw his iPhone on the ground!

Obviously Wilson needs to continue the process at home, so Paul hooks him up with a helpful self-hypnosis CD that you can check out on Paul's Web store- there's also plenty of other products to help you quit smoking, stop nailbiting, lose weight, and more!

Episode 658


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