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The 404 650: Where we don't bachelor party and tell (podcast)

Today we chat with Scott Stein about his beloved iPad, a new line of USB keys busting with porn, six gadgets in danger of extinction, and FM radios in cell phones!

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Wilson is out sick today (read: too scared of the rain to leave his house), so we're upgrading to someone better: Scott Stein of CNET's own Digital City podcast! He joins us on today's episode of The 404 to give us his personal review of the Apple iPad and five ways it's still better than the iPhone 4. We also discuss the next generation of portable adult entertainment, six tech species in danger of extinction, and the RIAA requiring FM radios in all cell phones.

Scott is CNET's resident laptop expert, but he also happens to be a big fan of the Apple iPad. As an early adopter of the tablet, he breaks down five reasons why the iPad is still better than the iPhone 4...despite him owning both! Wilson would be proud.

Along with extended battery life that doesn't demand a recharge every night, Scott tells us that the tablet's screen resolution is still better than the iPhone and the obvious difference in screen size is preferable to watching premium Hulu content on the run. And with rumors floating around that suggest a 7-inch iPad in the works, even Jeff says he'll consider a tablet PC.

"Hours of porn in the palm of your hand." FleshDrive

The hassle of scouring the Web for free porn is just too much for some people to handle, but a new company called FleshDrive is taking all the work out of your "research" time with USB keys filled with adult content.

The not-so-discreet FleshDrives come in 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB capacities, and while Jeff doesn't seem to think that's enough for one man's treasury, they're actually meant to be a handy travel accessory that can save you from buying a $16 hotel movie that stays with the room when you least I think they're $16, I personally would have no idea. Finally, the FleshDrive Web Site (link withheld; you do it dummy) lets you choose "genres" to go on the key for your own customized "Now That's What I Call Porn" compilation.

Only a handful of smartphones on sale today carry built-in FM radios, but the RIAA is putting pressure on Congress to mandate their inclusion in all forthcoming mobile phones. Traditional FM radio broadcasters are finding that users are no longer to to broadcasts as much thanks to online digital radio services like and Pandora that allow users to customize their music for free.

The bigger issue is that radios in cell phones can also function as a last ditch safety feature in times of emergency. The National Association of Broadcasters describe the measure as a "critically important lifeline service" that would allow the public to stay informed when cell towers and internet go down.

There's plenty more to talk about on today's show, but don't forget that you only have one more week left to get in touch with us through our Blackberry! Jeff's on phone duty, so add us on BBM 2482F452 and chat with us directly! If you don't own a BlackBerry, you can still shoot us a line at 1-866-404-CNET (2638) or e-mail the404(at)cnet{dot}com. Now click that play button!

Episode 650


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