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The 404 649: Where we're too 'Loaded' to start on time (podcast)

Our good friend Rana Sobhany drops by the studio to tell us all about Destroy the Silence, her new musical project featuring just two Apple iPads and a mixer!

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Jeff's filling in for Natali Del Conte and "getting Loaded" all week while she's away on maternity leave, so our sincerest apologies to live listeners for this morning's late start.

Luckily, close fran (friend/fan) of The 404 Rana Sobhany drops by for a surprise visit to make up for lost time and tell us all about her new project as an iPad DJ and producer!

We've had Rana on the show before (who could forget the infamous Valentine's date episode?) so we know all about her professional endeavors, but we had no idea that she's also a talented and progressive musician!

She tells us all about her musical background that eventually synthesized with her technological background in what is now called Destroy the Silence, a musical experiment using just two Apple iPads, a mixer, and a few choice software programs like the AKAI SynthStation and SoundTrend's Looptastic.

You can buyer Rana's "Destroy the Silence" EP on iTunes and check out her music video for "Solace," but why not catch her live in concert?

Unlike most laptop DJs, Rana is pushing the live DJ experience with an international tour starting in two weeks--check out all the details on her Tumblr and look for Rana on another upcoming episode of The 404, where she'll perform a live demo of her set and possibly even collaborate with our own resident MC TerrorByte!

Episode 649


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