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The 404 633: Where we welcome the financial femme fatale (podcast)

On today's episode of The 404 Podcast, hosts Jeff Bakalar, Wilson G. Tang, and Justin Yu welcome MoneyWatch financial decoder Jill Schlesinger to answer listener-submitted financial questions.

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Natali can't make it on the show today because she's busy taking care of little Justin Junior, but Jill Schlesinger saves the day and joins us to answer some of your most pressing financial quandaries.

Our first order of business is figuring out how Jill can get 3,000 Twitter followers before the end of this year. She hasn't been on Twitter very long and already has 1,627 followers, but we're thinking a funny new profile picture could help increase her online presence. We know that all you 404 listeners are handy with the Photoshop, so e-mail us your best picture of Jill (and something to do with money, credit, etc.) and you could win a prize! We're not sure what that prize is yet...but it'll be good!

There are two reasons we love having Jill on the show. First, she's hilarious and can banter with Jeff about things that Wilson and I have no clue about (re: first segment of today's episode), and she can answer all your financial questions in a way that's understandable to the layman, so thanks to everyone who submitted!

For example, Jill responds to a question about network marketing with an answer that is simple and yet still makes perfect sense: it's probably not a good idea unless you're really good at convincing your friends and family to spend money on useless junk.

Instead, put your penchant for sales toward a real sales job, where your talents will be recognized, and the best part--it's legal! Tune in to hear more questions about refinancing a house, the risks in co-signing a lease or loan, and more!

Be sure to tune in to tomorrow's episode because we're proud to have Michael Showalter joining us in the studio! We'll talk to him about his "The Making of..." videos on Babelgum and we'll also get his personal take on the latest in tech! Watch all the live action unfold at CNET Live tomorrow at 11:30AM ET; we'll see you there!

Episode 633


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