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The 404 630: Where Justin grows up and gets a friggin' suit (podcast)

On today's episode of The 404 Podcast, hosts Jeff Bakalar, Wilson G. Tang, and Justin Yu argue over whether or not to wear a suit to Jeff's wedding in October, and prove why tech fashion is and will always be a big "don't."

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With Jeff's wedding creeping up sooner than we expected, it's about time that The 404 Podcast discusses exactly what we'll be wearing to the ceremonies. Always the responsible one, Wilson is prepared with his own suit, and Jeff will obviously be wearing the cheapest tux money can rent, but I've somehow made it 26 years without ever buying a suit and I refuse to start now...hopefully Stacie is OK with me wearing this old thing.

And speaking of horrible fashion, this shirt holster for your Apple iPad is proof that tech-fashion is, and will always be, a sartorial "don't." Described as a "magical device," the Syte Shirt has an integrated chest pocket to store your iPad hands-free and without shame. The "capacitive-transmitting vinyl screen" allows for full functionality and users can carry their iPads around knowing that it's in a safe place...for all the world to see. "Rob me now" desktop wallpaper sold separately.


Don't freak out, but the Internet is going to run out of addresses in less than a year. Before you start shouting Y2K2.0 and run out to buy 10 year's worth of beef jerky, let us say that it's not quite as devastating as it sounds.

With the recent explosion of data pummeling the Web, the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) is calling for an upgrade to a new Internet Protocol that will support a larger number of unique addresses.

Currently, only 6 percent of the 4 billion IPv4 addresses have already been allocated, with the rest filling up before the end of next year. Thankfully, search engines and popular sites like Google and Facebook are already starting to make the shift toward IPv6.

A big part of The 404 is personal interaction with the listeners, and there's several different ways for you to get in touch with us! You can e-mail the404(at), leave a voice mail on our machine at 1-866-404-CNET (2638), send us a message on Twitter, comment on our Facebook page, or BBM us on our Blackberry at 2482F452. Questions, comments, criticisms, hate mail, confessions, announcements--we want to hear it all, but keep it relatively safe for work, please.

Episode 630


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