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The 404 622: Where it's nothing but a movie set (podcast)

On today's show, the hosts attempt to unravel the mystery of the Facebook panic button, run down the top 10 rented Neflix movies, and geek out over Christopher Nolan's new movie Inception.

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Parents can rest a little easier knowing that kids can now hit a "panic button" on Facebook to protect them from online predators. The social network is allowing the UK's Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre to promote an ad for its ClickCEOP that will show up on pages of members between the ages of 13 and 18.

Once installed, the application will serve as an easy way kids can contact the authorities when they're faced with a potentially dangerous situation. Although this is admittedly not a "silver bullet" to make the Internet safer, CEOPC also encourages parents to speak with their kids about the importance of online safety.

Speaking of Facebook, there's a guy in New York claiming he signed into a contract with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to the tune of $1,000 and a 50 percent stake in the company to build a Web site that would eventually become the social-networking site Facebook is today. Check out Steven Musil's report on CNET for a copy of the official complaint, which, contrary to our first impression, was not sloppily written in Sharpie on a red beer pong cup.

Blake Stevenson

Just before the break, we run down Netflix's top 10 most rented films of all time, which includes standards like "No Country For Old Men" and "Iron Man," but we're confused about why "The Pursuit of Happyness" sees continued rentals while gems like "Hackers" and "Ed" fall off the radar. We're also anxious to see how Chris Nolan's new movie "Inception" fares with moviegoers, and it just happens that Wilson scored tickets to an advanced screen tomorrow (thanks for nothing, Tang), so look forward to a spoiler-free report coming soon.

We have a ton of voicemails, as well as a couple of theme song submissions, so stick around for the second half, and big thanks to friend of the show Blake Stevenson for making us this awesome 404 poster, as well as Nathan Thomson and Michael Ngai, editors of The 404 Wiki, and Glen Arrowsmith (creator of the The 404 knol page) for helping us keep The 404 Wikipedia page alive--just don't comment on the Articles for deletion page or it could die again.



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