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The 404 617: Where if you can't stand the heat, get into an air-conditioned broadcast studio (podcast)

Caroline McCarthy joins us today to talk about the New York City heat wave and something down her shirt.

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Ace reporter Caroline McCarthy of CNET's The Social blog joins The 404 today, while Justin is apparently out on a road trip with his little brother and jumping out of airplanes. We have a (chill) blast with her on today's show, because we are not outside! It's one degree colder today in New York City than it was yesterday, but it's still a balmy 99 degrees outside!

Caroline surprises us with the FitBit, which apparently is "clipped to that thing." The FitBit is a sleep and activity monitor that clips on to the user. It measures your level of activity throughout the day and knows when you're asleep and exactly how long it took for you to get to sleep. For example, it tells Jeff regularly that he's been sitting for seven hours straight and tells Wilson that he falls asleep in two seconds flat. Caroline says it's a nifty gadget, and it was invented by former CNET employees, but not Ryan Seacrest.

FitBit fitness and sleep monitor.
You are not going to believe where Caroline pulled this out from. FitBit

Since Caroline is the social-media reporter, we talk a bit about the new Facebook movie again. This time we have some news to report besides just the snarky comments. Trent Reznor, front man for the band Nine Inch Nails, will be scoring the film.

Jeff is completely shocked that so much hot talent--David Fincher, Aaron Sorkin, Jesse Eisenberg, Rashida Jones, Justin Timberlake--is attached to the film. We think the film will still turn out lame (after all, a bunch of geeks writing code may not be the most entertaining thing we can think of), but it will probably win a few Oscars.

We have a couple of other stories to report. Caroline chimes in about one in five women checking their Facebook at night. Wilson would read "Sleep." Also, we get to a crazy story about how in China they "rent" white people. Now, it's not as bad as it sounds. They're using them in meetings and business deals to look important. Jeff would rather stick to his theory about action movies and mean-looking foreigners. We will let you decide.

Finally, we to get to some more theme submissions that Jeff, Wilson, and Caroline get super stoked about, but only to find out that the theme music may have come from a video game. We will keep you posted. We've never seen Jeff so excited; he circled the music THREE times in his notepad.

Meatopia Logo
Me want food. Meatopia

In the meantime, check out friend of the show Laurie Pila Horowitz's food festival Meatopia in New York City. For 404 listeners, we've got a special treat for you! Enter in promo code 404BBQ at the festival's page, and get 25 percent off tickets. And there's more!

Send a callback with a New York metropolitan area code (e.g. 718, 212, 646) involving meat and The 404 and you may win one of two sets of free tickets to go to the show! (Extra kudos if you work in Caroline McCarthy somehow. As usual, the number is 1-866-404-CNET 92638).



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