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The 404 609: Where we put Wilson on an iPhone 4 time out (podcast)

On today's episode of The 404 Podcast, hosts Jeff Bakalar, Wilson G. Tang, Justin Yu, and Natali Del Conte review the iPhone 4 launch and reception issues, and look into a software program that can detect signs of depression online.

CNET/The 404

iPhone 4 launch day is finally here! Wilson, Natali, and the rest of the CNET TV team were at the 5th Avenue flagship Apple store in New York this morning to cover the release and chat with the Appleheads patiently waiting in line. With Wilson being the fanboy that he is, it's no surprise he has an actual 32GB iPhone 4 in the studio, and we all agree it shouldn't come within 30 yards of Jeff Bakalar's handset-killing magnetic field.

And although Natali Del Conte is already getting sick of hearing about the device, we have to address some reports that the iPhone 4 loses reception when you hold it by the antenna band.

Early reviews from users are accusing the new iPhone of dropping reception bars when the outside antenna seams are covered. While dropped calls and poor reception are nothing new for the iPhone and AT&T, a simple software bug could be to blame since recent updates show many users connecting calls despite having no reception bars. Wilson's phone has no far.

That's enough of iPhone 4 talk on our show (for now), but if you can't get enough be sure to head over to and check out our iPhone 4 landing page for full coverage, including shortage updates, carrier issues, and, of course, our official CNET review by Senior Smartphone Editor Kent German.

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Believe it or not, today's episode of The 404 Podcast isn't all about the "phone that shall not be named." A new program being developed in Israel can detect early signs of depression online. The software analyzes words, phrases, and metaphors on the Internet that could give psychological insights to people who might not even realize they have a problem.

On the tech side, researchers conducted associative studies using Microsoft's Bing search engine and the phrase "depression is like..." to identify word patterns commonly used to describe depression. The program currently has a 78 percent success rate in identifying depressive texts.

One more thing about the iPhone 4: If you haven't gotten yours yet, don't bother with AT&T stores--they won't get stock until Tuesday, June 29. Best Buy, RadioShack, and Wal-Mart will probably sell out soon as well, so your best chance of procuring one today is at your local Apple store, but we're already predicting shortages there too, so go soon. Like, NOW.



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