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The 404 558: Where we lose big on a Double Down (podcast)

Today's 404 Podcast is all about KFC's new Double Down sandwich, shaving woes on the road, and Conan's new talk show on TBS. Also, we diagnose ourselves with Hourglass Syndrome.

KFC's new Double Down sandwich. Sweet Tater

This is an image of a new KFC sandwich called the Double Down. If you can't tell, it puts a twist on the classic sandwich and replaces the bread bun with two boneless white-meat chicken fillets (your choice of Original Recipe or grilled) hugging two slices of bacon, Monterey Jack AND pepper jack cheese, topped off with the Colonel's own "secret recipe sauce." Coronary artery bypass graft on the side, please.

Rather than try this monstrosity ourselves, we'll refer you to NPR's nutritional rundown--not surprisingly, the taste testers tell us that the sandwich contains 1,380 milligrams of salt, nearly the maximum daily amount recommended by the American Heart Association. Anyone else think they should have kept the meat on the inside and used two hash brown buns? Maybe for Double Down 2.0!

Conan returns to late night this November on TBS. Babble

There's a lot to talk about on today's episode of The 404 Podcast that won't give you a heart attack--news like Conan O'Brien announcing a new late-night talk show to debut this November.

Fans of Team Coco who didn't get tickets to see him live on the "Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour" will be able to watch the comedian every night on the basic cable network TBS. George Lopez's "Lopez Tonight" will follow the show at midnight.

We also continue our conversation about the dangers of multitasking with an older story about a woman in Florida who crashed her car into the back of truck while landscaping her lady parts. Ex-con Megan Jones told the cops she was meeting her boyfriend and wanted to be ready for the visit, which we certainly respect, but some things are just better left at home or in a truck stop bathroom stall.

We're down to crunch time for tax season and we've got CBS's Jill Schlesinger, aka The Financial Decoder, on the show tomorrow to help you cram and answer your pressing questions, so send all your financial Qs to the404(at)cnet(dot)com!



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