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The 404 545: Where we've got an intern for the day (but he won't get us coffee) (podcast)

Hey, we got a 404 intern for the day!

The 404 Lot! Blake Stevenson/The 404

404-listener Blake Stevenson heard us fanning out on The Sandlot during yesterday's episode, so he whipped up a 404ified poster for today's blog image. Thanks Blake!

It's almost the end of the work week, so Natali Del Conte is on the show and she's bringing the dirty starting with the queen of filthy pop, Lady Gaga. According to video analytics company Visible Measures, the diva has just become the first artist ever to achieve one billion online video views thanks to her three hit singles: Poker Face, Just Dance, and Bad Romance. If you're new to Gaga fandom, you have a lot of homework to do, because the one billion doesn't even count her live performances, video diaries, and popular interviews--not to mention her upcoming 3D concert DVD. Speaking of which, anyone have extra tickets to the sold-out MSG show in July?

On a completely unrelated note, law enforcement can now expose and track pedophiles by their typing habits. Apparently the typing speed and rhythms of these predators are unique and researching are currently investigating ways to identify the typist's age, sex, and culture within TEN KEYSTROKES! We're fully backing any new methods that put these idiots behind bars, but with no explanation of exactly how pedophiles type, we can't help but be skeptical with their findings. How about casting a smaller net and focusing on the dude asking for a WEP password at Chuck E. Cheese?

Be sure to stick around to hear Natali and the guys debunk 5 myths about the male body, starting with this foolish rumor about shoe size. The days of being too ashamed to ask a shoe salesperson for your size 7 loafers are over!

All this and more stories guaranteed to leave a bitter taste in your mouth, plus a new "E-mails From the Public" segment that forces us to question our potty-mouth promos. Talk to you tomorrow!



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