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The 404 543: Where we can't stop staring at Nintendo's 3DS (podcast)

Pucker up! The 404 Podcast cordially invites you to help us celebrate Kiss An Asian Day!

Pucker up! The 404 Podcast cordially invites you to help us celebrate Kiss An Asian Day! Wilson and I are clearly delighted with this extremely made-up holiday, whereas Jeff couldn't be stuck in a more compromising position. Yesterday also happened to be International Talk Like William Shatner Day, so the first story in today's rundown is about his new social network that is aimed at sci-fi nerds. is still in beta (Shatner's Twitter is apparently taking suggestions), but the site promises to be "a sci-fi social network for those with a passion for the arts." In my best Shatner voice: that...sounds...very...lame.

Nintendo's first shot at 3D gaming.

Today, Nintendo announced the next generation of its popular DS portable gaming platform, and, of course, it's in 3D. The Nintendo 3DS will officially see a release at this year's E3 conference in June, but so far we know that the device will be backward compatible with DS and DSi games and won't require you wear special goggles for 3D gameplay. Here's hoping that the 3DS will be a little more fun than Nintendo's first foray into 3D gaming.

CNET audio expert Steve Guttenberg stops by on the second half to pimp his ongoing contest, "The Audiophillie Music Awards for Excellence in Recorded Sound." Keep in mind that this is not "American Idol," so entries won't be judged by musical talent, but rather on the quality of the recording itself. This is your chance to prove your recording skills and promote your favorite unsigned band, so submit your entry on a CD and you'll be entered to win one of six pairs of Monster Turbine Copper or Monster Turbine Gold in-ear headphones!

Click here for official rules and an entry form (must complete and send along with CD). The contest ends on April 17, so good luck, everyone!



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