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The 404 541: Where we put Sweden on the map (podcast)

None of us can point to Sweden on a map, but luckily we have a surprise guest in the studio for the geographically impaired.

A 404 sticker at Shake Shack next to the CNET N.Y. office- thanks for the picture, Derrick! Derrick Chen/The404

Longtime 404 listener Ammi took some time out of her busy vacation from Sweden to drop by our studios this morning, so we invite her on the show to tell us about her first trip to the United States...and also to help us locate Sweden on the map, because we're geographically hopeless. Ammi's only been here a few days so far, but her observations on the chaos and consumerism of American culture are on point. Like many foreigners that visit our country, she can't help but notice the obesity epidemic that we can easily trace back to the cupcake stores on every block in the city.

To Jeff's delight, Ammi also tells us that hockey gets much more attention in Sweden than it in the US, although I'm pretty sure Swedish cable subscribers can't watch their games in 3D. On March 24th, Cablevision will be broadcasting the New York Rangers vs. New York Islanders game in 3D, the first live 3D sports broadcast to hit the network. Don't worry if you're not one of the 11 people that actually own a 3D TV, Madison Square Garden will also host a viewing party on a big screen 3D projection TV for 2,500 guests on the night of the big game. Hockey fans that can handle the real dimension can also just buy tickets to the live game.

Finally, a new study in the latest Retrevo Gadgetology Report (gadgetology?) anecdotally shows that one in 10 people under 25 would pause coitus to check their social networking updates, which begs the question: is Facebook better than sex?

Short answer: No, dude.

Long answer: Listen to the show!



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