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The 404 540: Where we find out if that's your REAL name (podcast)

The first Sony Playstation Move commercial, 10 female habits that piss men off, and is Facebook better than sex? Hint: no, dude.

A 404 sticker at Shake Shack next to the CNET N.Y. office- thanks for the picture, Derrick! Derrick Chen/The404

Today's episode of The 404 Podcast starts off with a intimate glimpse into Justin's mind, so we recommend throwing on some goggles before watching. He reveals that his name was initially supposed to be Jonathan, but due to complications surrounding the pronunciation of his name, the doctor just shortened it to the simpler-sounding Justin. Jeff also has a funny story about his father's name, and it turns out it wasn't always Sweet Lou!

It's Thursday, so you know what that means: Natali Del Conte joins the fun and adds a valuable female perspective on our motley crew.

We've been talking about the Sony PlayStation Move since it debuted at last week's Game Developers Conference, and Sony just announced its first Move commercial, brought to you by...the future. The video features a very Colberian Kevin Butler, the PlayStation's VP of Realistic Movements, who takes sarcastic shots at Nintendo and Microsoft in the very distant future (November 2010).

We could spend an entire show on this next topic, a list of 10 things women do that turn men off. It's all in good fun and we're obviously generalizing, but we're finding it hard to dispute the irritations that writer Brendan Tapley brings up, including "assuming we know what you want us to do," "smothering instead of mothering," and "over-sharing." Thanks to NDC for sticking around to keep us in check!

Finally, a new study in the latest Retrevo Gadgetology Report (gadgetology?) anecdotally shows that one in 10 people under 25 would pause coitus to check their social networking updates, which begs the question: is Facebook better than sex?

Short answer: No, dude.

Long answer: Listen to the show!



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