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The 404 458: Where daylight comes and we want to go home

Halloween recaps, Chinese iPhones, productive grumps, and much thanks to daylight-saving time!

"What's so important? What's he carrying?" The newest Podcast from the 404, of course! Props Guy Jim

Jeff didn't get the memo about daylight-saving time and misses today's episode of The 404 Podcast, but luckily our good buddy Mark Licea of The Green Show set his clock back and helps us out with today's Halloween recap, as well as a few stories from around the Internet.

Wilson stayed out partying with a group of hotties, per usual, Mark hung out in the city, and Justin downed a couple of 40s of Arizona Iced Tea and passed out early, but not before seeing two very disturbing things on the walk home.

Many thanks to all the listeners who sent in pictures of their costumes! Be sure to check out the photo slideshow below and send yours in to the404(at)cnet(dot)com to be included!

The first story of the day is about the iPhone finally arriving in Wilson and Justin's motherland, but with a catch: no Wi-Fi! Since Wi-Fi is banned in the country, Apple's local Chinese partner Unicom (not Unicorn) decided to release a version to the eager Chinese without the wireless Internet services.

Unicom is asking 6,999 yuan, or a whopping $1,025 for the 32GB iPhone 3GS. Fortunately, Chinese technophiles can get their iPhone fix at a cheaper price on the black market who are currently offering the 3GS WITH Wi-Fi at only $835.

Apple-branded bookmarks masked as iPod Nano. iPhone Savior

We all know Apple is not without a cruel sense of humor, but this Halloween the company played a hilarious trick on unsuspecting mall-goers in Bellevue, Wash.

Shoppers flooded their local Apple Store when they caught a glimpse of employees giving away what they thought were iPod Nanos, which actually turned out to be iPod Nano-shaped BOOKMARKS. Well, at least they weren't giving out copies of Windows 7.

Speaking of grouches, we also have a bizarre story in the today's rundown about a study in the U.K. that claims grumpiness can actually improve memory and sharpen your senses! Whereas positive moods promote the imagination, cooperation, and flexibility, these flights of fancy often distract a person from paying attention to their surroundings.

The study concludes that sadness can actually promote information-processing strategies and force you to be more critical of the world around you! Maybe Jeff is onto something after all...



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