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The 404 359: Where we protect our heads from falling Apple iPhone 3G S rumors

The 404 breaks down WWDC and Wilson recaps last night's Webby Awards!

$99? Even Wilson Tang can afford that. James Martin/CNET

WWDC has come and gone and The 404 has been groaning ever since the lights dimmed. Listen or watch as we analyze all of the announcements and whether or not any of us are tempted to bite the bait.

Next we'll give you an update on Jeff's Palm Pre saga as it continues. If you didn't catch yesterday's show or special segment, Jeff's Pre is acting a little wonky.

Finally, Wilson wraps up last night's Webby Awards, where CNET picked up a few wins in various categories. Was it the best Webby Awards ever? We think you already know the answer to that one.


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